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Core services include:

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment 

Urban Design  

Landscape and Townscape Character Assessment 

Environmental Impact Assessment 

Expert witness at hearings and Inquiries 

Hard landscape design 

Soft landscape and planting design (planting plans, discharge of planning conditions, landscape maintenance and management plans) 

Landform modelling (minerals restoration, reservoirs, lakes, cut/fill calculations, etc) 

Why engage us? Three main reasons:

1. Because you have to…
With the majority of development, detailed landscape assessment and design is a requirement of the planning process.

2. Because you ought to…
With our understanding of design and layout, our input can enable the creation of a more pleasant living and working environment for any development, thus maximising the value of your property portfolio.

3. Because you want to…
We can provide landscape design advice to enhance a wide range of projects, from the restoration of a historic parkland to urban streetscape design.

BROOM LYNNE offers a comprehensive Landscape, Planning and design service for private clients, local authorities and developers, based on thorough knowledge and experience, aided by an in-depth knowledge of all industry software packages such as Autocad, Photoshop, InDesign, SketchUp and Illustrator. We also use digital terrain modelling software to assist in the determination of, for instance, Zones of Visual Impact of a new development or volume calculations for the creation of new lakes, landform modelling and site restoration. 

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