digital terrain modelling

Computer modelling was used in the redevelopment of this historic parkland lake to develop various design options and to calculate water flows and silt volumes.

Digital terrain modelling is a specialist area of landscape computer modelling which we can offer, using the latest computer software. It is used to provide accurate visualisations of landscape projects, cross-sections through the site, volume and surface area calculations, contours maps, cut/fill calculations and setting-out data.

By understanding the existing site topography, models can be generated for new proposals to demonstrate the viability of the project and provide accurate construction information. Click on the images for an enlarged view in a new window.

Above: Computer model illustrating four stages of the development and restoration of a mineral site, North Norfolk.

Below: Section through proposed earth bunding for premier new shooting ground and clay target centre, Suffolk. Subject of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, detailed landscape design and ground modelling.
Below right: Shading on digital terrain model indicates silt depth in ornamental lake after dredging, West London.

Below: New lake feature at a private site in Oxfordshire.
1: Site survey and final CAD layout:

2: Digital terrain model and cross-sections:

3: The finished lake: