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may 2011





The practice has recently been appointed to work on two major and strikingly different projects.

Firstly, we are engaged in the design and development of a major new recreational facility at Tatton Park in Cheshire, a Grade II* historic garden, and site of some of the work of both Lancelot Brown and Humphry Repton, as well as Joseph Paxton and the architects Samuel and Lewis William Wyatt. The project includes a park-wide Historic landscape, Heritage Asset and Visual Impact Assessment.

Tatton Hall

In a completely different note, we have been appointed to prepare a visual impact assessment and visualisations for an innovative diversification project in Norfolk. An array of photovoltaic cells is proposed on a farm site, motor and computer-controlled to follow the sun and maximise solar energy. The assessment has been used to determine the most suitable location for the panels to reduce landscape and visual impacts.


PV cells in Norfolk

Click on the image below for a sketch fly-through of the proposed development, prepared by BROOM LYNNE.